At IMS Barriers, our focus is to provide our customers with the best designed products, using the highest quality materials, built by a proud American workforce. IMS Barriers are built using the latest in ‘roto-molding’ technology, right here in the Pacific Northwest with the best raw materials in the plastics industry. IMS Barriers utilizes plastics that offer the highest in UV protection in outdoor plastics. IMS barriers have an 8 year UV protection rating and stands up to intense weather for a long time. IMS barriers are available in a wide range of colors, including red, white, yellow, blue(s), grey, black, and orange. Other colors are available upon request. Obviously, no barrier can eliminate personal injury and kart damage when something goes wrong on track, but properly place barriers can help reduce the severity of the damage. IMS barriers are a system of linked together barriers that are designed to move with the errant karts, harnessing the energy and dragging the impacted vehicles to a stop.  Optional ballast can be added to barriers to account for increased speeds and more protective applications. IMS Barriers systems flexibility and design also reduces the ‘rebound’ damage and collateral damage often caused by more traditional barriers.  IMS barriers are designed to be simple and fast to set up, quickly link together, move around as needed, and replace broken barriers, easily and quickly.

Temporary Racing Circuits

In today’s kart race promotions environment, Temporary Racing Circuits have become a huge attraction. The cost of putting these events on is always a challenge to control.

Transport/Shipping costs, track set up, repairability of barriers, maneuverability and track tear down time, are all factors that went into the design and function of IMS Barriers.  Our IMS Barrier design allows you to stick barriers into trailer, inverted, saving nearly 28% of space over most traditional barriers, resulting in huge shipping cost reductions. IMS Barriers link together and can be set up in about 30% of the time needed to set up traditional ‘strap together’ barriers, again saving on manpower and costs.  Broken barrier replacement is simple and quick, and doesn’t require the dismantling of an entire section to fix. And track breakdown is fast and easy with the IMS Barrier design. Reduced shipping cost, faster set up and tear down times, and the quickest barrier repair procedures, make IMS Barriers, the only feasible choice for temporary racing circuits.

Permanent Racing Circuits

The overwhelming majority of today’s kart racing circuits are permanent tracks and facilities. Both indoor and outdoor kart racing facilities require a barrier product that lasts and offers superior protection. IMS Barriers is again the obvious choice. Inverted stacking ability reduces shipping costs, and set up, tear down, and barrier repair times are minimized by our exclusive design. Give us a call today to provide your racers with the best designed barrier in the game.