For as long as there have been kart races, there have been kart crashes. Put two or more drivers in karts, throw a green flag, and you will need some kind of crash containment system, guaranteed!

After spending nearly two decades standing in the middle of karting track all over the United States (and beyond), IMS barrier designer and owner, Chris Egger, knew there was a better way to try to contain karting accidents and minimize their effect on karts and drivers.

The concept of linked together barrier systems isn’t anything new but adapting them to the needs of today’s kart racing facilities, both permanent and temporary circuits, was something that needed some fresh thinking. The result is the industry’s most driver friendly, facility friendly and race official friendly barrier in the industry.

The IMS barrier system. Fresh thinking to an old problem, IMS BARRIERS.

'The IMS Barrier system is not only one of the best looking systems we have ever seen, their pricing and customer service is the best in the industry.  Their superior design has allowed us to cut man power and still reduce set up and tear down by days, for our temp circuit applications. Repairs are fast and easy, and our On track drivers can move their karts to safer positions by themselves. As one of the only barriers designed and still being made in the USA, it's the easy choice for barriers on the market today." -- ROK Cup USA Operations Manager, Garett Potter

""I was amazed at how much it changed the appearance of the complex as soon as we put the IMS barriers on track. They' re fast and easy to install, work really well by reducing the impact of some of our customers, and seem to be very durable. They were very competitively priced as well. We are very happy we went with the IMS Barrier System here at DKC." -- Owner of Dallas Karting Complex, Mike Jones